Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer means...Baseball!

I have always enjoyed going to the Eugene Emerald's baseball games in the summer.  Watching the games is fun on its own, but eating ice cream from plastic hats, singing the songs, and enjoying the atmosphere make these games a necessity for us every year.

Last year, we tried taking Griffey but he was too wiggly and didn't understand enough to sit still.  I don't think we lasted a whole game last year.

This year, Griff is way into the games.  I ask him what he wants to do every day and most days he says 'baseball game?'  Last week, he said 'Taco Bell and Library'. haha.  He is definitely my kid.

Here is a look at the two we have gone to this year.  My mom got Griffey the ball and glove for the games, which he loves.  Also, the lady sitting behind us was the wife of the other team's manager, so after the game she went down to the dugout and got Griffey a game ball!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I Love: Candy Edition

I love love candy.  Very much.  I feel that I am not simply a candy enjoyer, but more of a candy explorer and a candy enthusiast.  If I see a new type of candy or a new variety of an old favorite, I feel it is my responsibility to try it, disect it, eat it in multiple styles, and analyze the overall experience. 

For instance, I had to try the new hershey's chocolate that have air bubbles.  It sounded weird, so I needed to know.  You know, in case anyone ever asked me.  It was worth trying, fyi.  But not worth putting pants on and going right now, so sit tight.

I figured that because I am such a candy authority, I would share some of my knowledge with you, so here are my five favorites:
  1. Sixlets {much more than an m&m; much different flavor experience.  plus they sell the little strips of them at 7-11 for 15 cents. so that's pretty awesome.}
  2. Twix {this is really a three-part favorite because I love the chocolate twix with peanut butter the most, then the second most is the coconut twix that taste like samoas that I bought at Walgreens once but they haven't gotten them again, and thirdly is the original.}
  3. Spice drops {these come in the bags of candy section that everyone always passes up because they are old people candy. well, I'm telling you--next time, stop and try them. you will not regret it}
  4. Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp milk chocolate bar {these are pretty dang good.  they have layers of crispy wafers and milk chocolate truffle, plus they are only 110 calories.}
  5. York peppermint patty {sometimes when I go grocery shopping, I feel the need to buy four of these and put them in my freezer.  on the nights when I am begging Adam to get me something sweet from the store but also hoping he won't so I won't eat the junk, I remember that the Yorks are up in the fridge waiting for me. they aren't that bad for you anyway right.  they have mint in them and mint is a plant.}
So...enjoy my favorite candies and if you haven't tried one of these, I insist you go try one.  They were all handpicked with love.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Picture Overload: Take Two

Back at it...

We have also been watching Adam play softball once a week. Griffey loves going to his games and yelling "Go daddy" and playing with all the other kids there. He brings a ball and a bat and makes new friends each time to play catch with.

It usually takes a while for Griffey to find Adam because he is waaaaay out there!

Good form!

Grandma "Mama" sometimes comes also.

Contrary to popular belief, we do not go to Taco Bell very often.  However, we did go this one day and I thought Adam and Griff looked pretty cute talking to eachother and being all matchy.

We also like to go to the lake, especially Baker Bay.  We have gone swimming there a couple times and camped there the weekend after the 4th of July. I thought you may want to see out my window.

Carl rented a raft and took Myla, Carlee, and Griffey out for a scenic tour.
Griffey liked helping guide.

Baker Bay seems a little muddy, but I don't mind it. It is a great place to spend the day.

After all the long days, we like to read our library books and take naps.  Griffey and I go to the Eugene Library once a week for "Wonderful Ones" storytime.  Or routine is to get there early, walk around and look at the construction machines going and watch the buses at the bus station, then we line up for when the library opens and head inside.  We pet the kitty {Griffey thinks it is real and tells it stories and laughs as he pets it. This is his favorite part of the whole day.  He pets the cat for a good ten minutes. If the cat is not there, he goes up the lady and asks for the cat.  Oh, it is a puppet, by the way.....}.  We sing songs during storytime and then we eat chocolate chip banana bread from the cafe and then go meet Adam at school.

Picture Overload: Take One

We have been busy running around having fun and balancing that with summer school this past month and a half.
Although we are pretty busy with school, we have taken a lot of time to enjoy the sun and give Griffey a bunch of fun memories.  Plus, I think soaking up the sun is the best thing for me right now because it recharges me for the rest of the year. I live for the summer.

We spent the night at a cabin near Willamette Pass with Brittany and Austin and two of Austin's friends.  Griffey fell in love there.

Yes, he is giving it a kiss.

For Father's Day, Griffey and I made Adam some lemon bars {his favorite}.

We also made Adam this card that I found on Pinterest. We traced Griffey's hands for it.  If you are not on Pinterest, you need to go there now.  {Thanks Molly for starting my addiction!}

Happy Father's Day!

In the middle of June, my 15-month Grad school program started.  Back to {Grad} School pictures with Brittany! No, this is not embarrassing. It is important to document these types of things.

When we don't want to leave the town to go swimming on hot days, we hang out at my dad's pool.  Griffey loves splashing "Papa Geeg" {Grandpa Gregg}

Brittany and I also tried to get our reading homework done while sun tanning at Fall Creek Reservoir.  Not much success there, just a lot of papers stained with tanning oil and a lot of chocolate mini rice cakes eaten.
 I will share more of our adventures soon!