Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Be Grateful

With the earthquake in Haiti and the massive need for help in that area, I am reminded of how blessed I am. I am grateful to have running water, clean air to breathe, clothes, the ability to shower and clean my clothes, food, the option to buy whatever food I want, the ability to feed my son, and give him a warm home, the ability to go to school, and so much more.

The people in Haiti don't even have clean water to drink. They are living in a 90+ degree environment that reaks of urine and the deceased. They have no food or shelter and most of their families are dead, injured, or missing. Baby's aren't getting proper nutrition and protection and many will die.

Even when I feel that I am tight on money and can't buy something that I want or need, I know I have people and other options to turn to. The people in Haiti have no one to turn to and are facing a very, very tough road ahead.

I am incredibly lucky to be born into a country and an environment, where I don't need to worry about meeting such basic needs. It is pure luck that I am here and not there and I feel I owe it to my existence and part of all humanity to help the people of Haiti. The tables could so easily be reversed.

What if something happened here and no one understood the state of need we were in? What if my family was dying of starvation, lack of healthcare, and dehydration? It breaks my heart to think about if innocent, sweet, little Griffey couldn't get the food and water he needed to survive. It breaks my heart to think that children are starving while I can go out to the store and buy whatever I want to eat and have money and food to spare.

Although there are many ways I cannot relate to the people of Haiti, I can relate to the fact that we are all brothers and sisters and my brothers and sisters are in need while I have so much more than I need.