Monday, July 5, 2010

Griffey Update

Griffey is getting so big and developing so quickly!

He is a little over 10 months and he has been crawling and scooting around for a while now.  He also likes to pull himself up on furniture and act like he is surprising us.

Griffey also started his own version of peek-a-boo recently where he will look at you and then look away really quick and then look back at you.  He is will do this over and over again if you act as excited as he is. 

I really like him at this age because he is entertaining himself and not quite so needy.  Now I can just sit back and play with him.  He loves rolling the ball back and forth with us and he loves hugging his teddy bears.

We have taken him in the lake and in the pool a few times.  He loves taking baths, so he also loves getting in the lake and pool.  Sometimes he freaks out at first but Adam and I are determined that he will love swimming so we keep him in until he gets used to it, then he loves it!
Griffey also loves smiling and laughing and I love that he makes us smile and laugh so much too!