Saturday, April 25, 2015

Monster Trucks

Griffey has loved monster trucks ever since her was little.  We brought him to a monster truck show in Eugene when he was two and have always wanted to bring him back.  We surprised him with this trip to the monster truck show at Chase Field in Phoenix in January.  He was so excited!
 I know he really appreciates the special time with just us and no other siblings.
We all agreed the best moment was when Grave Digger drove up to a wall and drove up it and did a back flip.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Yay! We are coming home to Oregon!

We are coming home! I had an interview last week for a job in Dorena, Oregon and they called me back a couple hours later to offer me the job! I am so excited!!

I will be teaching a K/1 combo class in a small country school outside of Cottage Grove, Oregon.

We are so excited to finally know that it is the right time to come home.  I was feeling really lost on whether to stay here or come home because we had jobs here and nothing really lined up there.  Well,  after I didn't sign my contract here in Arizona, I was told that I still had the option to reapply to the district and they could find me a place in another school because my position was already filled. So, I did end up reapplying and interviewing with another school and I got the job, but hadn't signed a contract yet.  It was nice to have a back-up plan, but it didn't feel right. I felt pretty depressed and lost staying here and having to go to a new school and not knowing where Griffey would go to school and not wanting to stay in Arizona.

Adam was still feeling unsure about leaving, but we agreed I would still look in Oregon and I got an amazing job!!

And now...we just found out that Adam's school is most likely being closed down due to budget cuts next year, so he wouldn't have had a position for next year anyway, so it all worked out perfect and we got out of here at the right time!

We don't know when we are going to leave Arizona yet.  I have some trainings in June in Oregon that they would like me to be at, but Adam wants to teach summer school here, so we are just going to weigh out the different options and see when the best time is to move.