Thursday, July 30, 2009

Up in the Air

So, even though my last post wasn't that long ago, I already have updates on Adam coming home. It looks like he will probably not be coming home for Griffey's birth afterall. We were told on Tuesday that Adam wouldn't be able to come home on Saturday as planned. Apparently they are not letting anyone come home until after September 11. They don't have a reason, in fact Adam is not busy doing anything there.

We have been contacting anyone we can and trying everything we can to get him home, but we are hitting a lot of dead ends. I even sent a Red Cross message to Adam and his bosses with paperwork filled out by my doctor where she said that she thought he needed to come home for the birth. We don't know what the result of me doing that yet will be. We know that is our best bet and are hoping that they will let him come home afterall.

Obviously we are both very upset and feel very misled. I just wish they would have given us more notice so that we could have prepared for this, instead of giving us less than a week's notice. Basically everything is up in the air right now and we don't know if or when Adam will be able to come home.

If Adam can't come home for Griffey's birth then I am not going to be induced and we will also wait until Adam can come home to have his blessing. I apologize for not being able to provide more information, but we really don't know anything right now.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adam will be home in a week!

I got to talk to Adam this morning on Skype. I am really excited that we got that figured out because now we get to talk more and for free and see eachother. Even though he is so far away, the Skype connection is strong and there isn't a very big delay. If anyone wants to be able to talk to Adam, Skype seems like it is going to be the best option. If you need information on it or help, let me know.

Adam said that he is doing good and I can tell that he has relaxed a little more and made a few friends. Adam's birthday was on July 23, which was also the day that they traveled to Iraq from Kuwait. I wasn't able to talk to him on his birthday because he was traveling, but we decided we would just celebrate when he got home anyway.

Since they have gotten to Iraq, Adam said they haven't been doing very much and it doesn't look like they will have a lot of missions throughout their time there. He seems frustrated that he has to be there and they aren't even really doing anything, which I understand. He said that he has just been working out a lot, training, and trying to stay cool.

He will be hopefully traveling home on August 1st and will get here on the 2nd. He gets 15 days, not including the days used for traveling, so he will be here until the 17th and then he will leave on the 18th. My due date is August 13 and we were originally planning on being induced on the 6. The reason we chose the 6 is because we want to have Griffey blessed at church before Adam leaves and we thought the 9th would be the only Sunday Adam would be here. Now that we know he will be here on the 16th though, we will have Griffey be blessed that day and the induction date is still up in the air.

It is also possible that we will just wait for Griffey to come on his own. I have a feeling Griffey will be coming on his own earlier than my due date anyway because he is such a big boy. My doctor told me that even if I am induced a week early, he would probably be around 9 lbs! Holy Cow! haha. Adam was a 10 pound baby so I was kind of expecting it.

So the main dates to remember are:

Adam is home August 2-17.
Griffey will be blessed in Springfield 1st Ward on August 16. (and everyone is welcome to come to Griffey's blessing!)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Adam is on his way to Kuwait

Adam left this morning from Fort Stewart, Georgia for Kuwait. He will be in Kuwait for two weeks training and also getting used to the weather. After those two weeks, he will then go to Tallil, Iraq, where he will most likely be for the rest of his time in over there.

Adam will only have been in Iraq for about a week when he will come home for Griffey's birth. He will come home on one of the first few days of August and Griffey can be induced as early as the 6th if we want. My due date is the 13th, but I wanted Adam to be here early enough that he for sure wouldn't miss the birth, so we will probably have to induce earlier than the 13th, so that Adam and Griffey can have some time together before Adam leaves. He will definitely be here for 10 days, but he could be here for up to 24 days, depending on whether they give him his other two weeks leave now or not.

I am so nervous that Griffey will come too early though and Adam will get home after he is born! I am trying not to think about that though! I am starting to feel really large and slow and it takes me a long time to get out of bed! haha. I decided that although I don't want to be completely inactive and couch-ridden, I am definitely going to take it easy the next few weeks and make Griffey as relaxed and happy as possible so he won't feel the need to come out earlier than we want.

I can't believe I am already 35 weeks pregnant! That's just crazy! Overall, the pregnancy has seemed to go by pretty quickly and definitely very smoothly. I haven't been sick really at all. I had morning sickness for a couple days and I have had massive heartburn, but that goes away with tums. The only other issue is that my body has been reacting VERY negatively towards milk recently, so I decided to stay away from it for the most part.

I never really craved anything super badly or had to stay away from anything. The things that I did want though, were fruits (mainly citrus), limeade, orange juice, rootbeer milkshakes (I have to monitor my intake of those though, because I would have them for every meal!), and my favorite: frozen strawberries blended together with limeade ( I do have those for almost every meal!). Delicious!

I changed the weather icon to the right of the blogs, so not Kuwait's temperature is displayed. I can't believe how hot it is there and Adam is going to have to wear pants and long sleeves and lots of heavy layers. I feel bad for him!