Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm selling Avon!

I just started selling AVON and I am very excited about it because I love the products and they aren't very expensive and they have all sorts of different products.

I plan on not being pushy with my friends and family, so everyone won't get sick of me.  However, in case anyone is interested, I have catalogs and also a website that people can order off of. Also, if anyone wants to be on the email list ofr special discounts and offers, let me know.

Thanks for the support! Here's my website :

Don't forget....Christmas is coming!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Trip to Florence

Griffey loved playing in the sand and Adam loved helping him explore the sand and water.
             Last week, we went to Florence on a whim.  We brought Griffey to the jetty, had rootbeer floats, and walked around old town Florence (and of course, we got some awesome candles at the Newport Bay Candle Company.)
He was trying so hard to walk!!
He couldn't figure out why his hands kept sinking.
I need to get a tripod so we can get pictures of all three of us at once!
Buddy and Daddy - Big smiles!