Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lost Post: Kelsey I finally have written on the blog!

I just found this post in the drafts folder.  Adam must have written it and saved it there when he was in Iraq.  I thought I would share:

So, I am in Tallil Iraq finally writing on the blog at the continous prodding of my loving wife. Well, I have been deployed now for four very long months it is dragging on terribly but I have found some hobbies to keep my mind somewhat occupied. Like Forrest Gump I have taken a liking to ping pong and have somewhat of a natural talent at it. When we are on the road and stop for the night at a base we look for our sleeping area then to the MWR for some ping! My buddy Jones gets ticked because I work him every time. Kelsey sent me a Rosetta Stone so I can keep up on my Italian but since getting here I guess Im having none of that because it hasn't even left the box but I will get on it.

My days consist of pulling security for convoys. We drive along with huge convoys of 18 wheelers to make sure they get back and forth without any occurances. When we are back at the base I am usually working on my truck which happens to be the biggest piece of crap. We were driving to Baghdad this week and a hose broke squirting coolant everywhere including on my legs so we had to tow it to Scania where we worked on it. My days of driving a 1978 Toyota Corrolla have finally paid off as I have mastered the art of jimmy rigging a vehicle. For what I lack in mechanical skills and enginuity I clearly make up for with my ability to keep a vehicle running, mechanical tape and zip ties are all you need.

I have been in a funk here lately that I have been trying to get out

Perks of Being a Teacher: Field Trips!

In the middle of May, my class went on a field trip to watch the Diamondbacks play the Braves at Chase field, which is right down the street from my school. Lucky for Adam, I was able to bring him as a "chaperone" wink wink, so we got to go to a game for free plus we got free t-shirts and lunch at the game.
We still have not mastered taking attractive, flattering selfies.  I always want Adam to hold the camera so I don't look so crazy, but it always my idea to take the picture, so I am the one with the camera.
 My 6th grade class was invited on this field trip along with all the other 5th and 6th grade classes in our district.  Students had to complete 5 hours of community service to go.  When we go there, we walked out onto the field and walked around the field and up into the stands to our seats.

Adam was in heaven walking out on the field.

Oh, and the Diamondbacks won!

My Masseuse

I have such a sweet, kind-hearted son.  He loves to help me and is always telling me how much he loves me.
Lately, he has been coming up to me with the jar of Icy Hot asking if he can rub it on my back, which is so thoughtful! He saw me putting it on my back once and asked if he could help and ever since then, he has wanted to do it all the time.  He has started getting sad whenever I turn down his offer. I think he just loves the smell of it.
He also has been giving me foot massages.  Adam thinks it is some form of cruel and unusual punishment when he sees Griffey giving me a foot massage because Adam hates doing it, but I am glad Griffey likes to!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Griffey's Preschool Class

I posted about Griffey's valentines a while ago, but I never posted the pictures of Griffey's class Valentine's party.  He was so excited to hand out his Valentines! I love that we are at the same school because it is so convenient for me to stop by his class parties during my breaks.
 He gave out neon heart sunglasses that were a big hit with his classmates. I had to go back to my class, but Griffey's teacher took a bunch of pictures of Griffey and his friends.  Apparently they loved having a photoshoot in their glasses.

Fast forward and here are some pictures of Griffey and his friends on their last day of school.  They had a class party and they all got awards. Here is Griffey with his closest friends in his class: Natasha, Jessie, and Ivan.

 Ivan and Griffey in the log cabin in their classroom.

Ivan and Griffey as Ninja Turtles.

Griffey fell onto the corner of a bookcase at our house and split open the skin near his eye.  He had this steri-strip on his eye and couldn't swim for a week.

They had a little dance party.  Griffey's moves involve his hands on the floor. :)

Natasha and Griffey waiting for their awards and presents from their teachers.

His award: Best Swimmer! They went on a field trip to the pool a few weeks before school was out and Griffey was excited to show off his swimming skills.  He even brought his own life jacket.

Opening his present from Teacher Maeve.

He gor a beanie baby with a soccer ball on its chest.  He loves it and sleeps with it every night.

Party snacks! Lots of cheetohs, cupcakes, and juice.

Griffey was sick of pictures at this point.
I am so grateful that Griffey was able to go to school at Emerson with me.  Whenever I had tough days, I was able to slip over to his class during my breaks, drink some chocolate milk, and hang out with Griffey.  I love his teacher because she was the perfect fit for Griffey and is an amazing preschool teacher.  It was also great to have someone my age to go talk with.

I  also loved that when he got out of school, sometimes he would run across the courtyard to my class to say hi and then run back to Teacher Maeve to wait for Anita, his babysitter, to pick him up.

Speaking of Anita, she is amazing also! She lives near the school and watches a lot of the teachers' kids.  I drop Griffey off before work and she walks him to school and picks him up and watches him until I am done.  She is so kind and sweet and loves Griffey so much.  She is so generous that she even offered to come to my house when the babies are born to help me out if my parents weren't coming.  She is so excited to take on the challenge of two newborns on top of all the other kids she already watches.

Thinds here have seemed to fall into place just like they needed to and I recognize it as a blessing for sure!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I am lucky to have a great dad who taught me many things throughout my life.  I love remembering that I had the cool parents in grade school.  Everyone thought my dad was so funny and I that made me so proud of him.

I am grateful that I have seen so many sides of my dad and that we have been able to open up to eachother about personal things in our lives.  I am grateful that he has shown me so much love and encouragement throughout my life.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

 I am also so thankful that I have married a wonderful man who is as devoted to me as a husband as he is to our family. I am grateful that he takes so much pride in being a father and that he finds so much joy in teaching Griffey, as well as learning from him.  It will be an adventure have these two new babies and I am so excited that I have Adam as a partner through this experience. 

Happy Father's Day Adam!
Adam modeling a one-of-a-kind paper tie.
Griffey made Adam a paper tie for father's day.  It is hard to see in this picture, but it is amazing! I love that Adam wore it proudly to church today!  Griffey also made Adam multiple cards throughout the day. He kept coming out of his quiet time to surprise Adam with more pictures and cards.  The card that I helped Griffey make says exacly what Griffey dictated to me: "Daddy, If you want me to play with your toys, I will.  I love you. Happy Father's Day."
Griffey filled out a questionaire about his dad at church. My favorite answers are:
My dad is 46 years old.
My dad loves helping me.
My dad was born in Eugene.
My dad's favorite super hero is Spiderman.
My dad always says "Be good."
My dad's job is to play with me.
The first thing my dad does in the morning is turn on a show for me.
My dad laughs when I say funny jokes.
My dad's favorite food is cereal.
I love my dad because he is my best friend.
I had the same idea and had Griffey fill one out also that was a little different:
He is 140 years old.
He likes to wear cool church clothes and work out clothes.
He loves to eat salad.
His favorite sport is baseball, the A's.
He is smart because he knows I love him.
We like to go back to Eugene/ play with my toys together.  ( He couldn't choose just one.)
It makes my dad very happy when I say funny jokes at him in his face.
The funniest thing I have seen my dad do is laugh at me.
My favorite thing about my dad is he says funny jokes.

Trying to Stay Cool

It is hot here!  We have been trying to find things to do that either involve water or air conditioning.
There are a lot of splash parks and fountains around here that Griffey loves going to.
Camera shy at Desert Ridge Shopping Center.

Desert Ridge
 Griffey's favorite is Altadena Park. They have a nice playground and a big water area.
Altadena Park

 Last weekend, we went to the Tanger Outlets.  Griffey brought two quarters to buy bouncy balls but couldn't find any quarter machines!  He settled for acting like he was riding these cars.  I can't believe they cost a dollar to ride! Even Griffey knows that is too much. When we walk over to them, he asks if he can ride them, then follows it up with, "I know we aren't buying them. I just want to act like I am riding them." He is so sweet!

 After the outlets, we went to Cabellas.  Griffey and I had been there when Grandpa Gregg and Grandma Lisa came to visit, so he was excited to show off all the animals to Adam.
 This is a real elephant.  Griffey only wanted to take a picture next to it if I was in it.  I am four months pregnant here and I carry that water jug everywhere!
 Adam enjoyed doing the shooting game with Griffey.  Adam is really good at it!