Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hi Denae!!

I was so excited when I saw that someone from Colombia checked our blog because I knew it was you!

I stole this from Denae's blog!
My sister, Denae, and her husband, Andy, and in Colombia traveling around. Check out their blog to hear about their trip!

Also, my mom and her friend, Jody, are currently in Africa hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Here's their blog.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting around my apartment in boring, old Eugene.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall's Here...

...and that means it is time for the pumpkin patch!

Griffey got to feed the animals!

Of course, we had to stop for the photo op! Nice face Adam.

He didn't really want to move. Everything was too poky!

Me and Griffey

Brittany looking at one of their many reject pumpkins.

Brittany and Austin came with us to Lonepine Farms.

Griffey finally found a pumpkin he liked.

We saw a little girl  posing on the pumpkins, so we decided we needed to also!

Adam and Austin thought we were insane.

Griffey loves his daddy.

Our family...and the evil broccoli.

Brittany trying to get out of the huge, scary maze.

We picked out pumpkins, defeated the daunting maze, bought some fresh produce, and then shared a delicious caramel apple. Good idea Brittany! 

Cookie Overload

Someone got into the cookies! Although I was not happy about it, he was too cute to take the cookies away before I took some pictures.