Sunday, February 7, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I have been so stressed lately! I can't wait for Adam to come home!

I do really appreciate all the help and support I have been given from family and friends recently. It is hard sometimes because I want to see everyone and I know a lot of people want to see Griffey but I really have no time. I shouldn't even be writing on here right now, but I am in between papers and I needed a break.

The last couple weeks have been really stressful with school and on last Thursday I kind of hit a breaking point.

Sometimes I just get to a point where I feel so behind and I have been neglecting the things that I need to do to keep myself at peace and happy. I had a lot of stuff due this week and a couple midterms so I wasn't able to get a paper done that was due on Thursday and I didn't get to shower for a couple days and I didn't get to run all week and I was sitting in my last class on Thursday and pretty much lost it.

I was sitting there thinking about how far behind I was getting in one of my classes and how frustrating it was that I had been trying to write this paper since last week and I tried all last weekend to write it but Griffey was really needy and it was stressing me out that I didn't get it done, so I just started crying. Nobody saw, I'm pretty sure. I had to get up and leave. I was so, so stressed. So, after class I went up to the teacher to ask her for an extension and instead of calmly explaining why I couldn't get it done, I just started bawling. Not just a few tears, but I just started crying so much I couldn't talk. I might have scared her, but I could tell she understood and she gave me an extension.

After that, I decided that I was going to focus on getting caught up this weekend- getting caught up in that class, getting ahead in the readings for all my classes, getting caught up on sleep, and hopefully getting caught up on cleaning (that one didn't really fit in though).

On Thursday night, I did some homework. Then on Friday, I didn't have class this week and so I had "me day" and I invited Griffey along as long as he was going to be good. We went to the bank and to Ross and to Target and I got a new swimsuit and an armband for my IPod and I just relaxed and did whatever I wanted to. Then, I went to my practicum for 3 hours at Meadowlark Elementary School and played with the kids in the afterschool program, and then I came home and hung out with Griffey.

Friday night, I felt very efficient. Griffey hung out and played on the ground while I did all our bills, did laundry, worked on our photo album online, and ordered Three Forks to go. (It's really delicious). I went to bed a lot less stressed than the night before.

On Saturday, Griffey and I woke up and lounged around for a little bit and then I think Griffey knew I needed to get homework done because he took a really long nap and I did a lot of reading for school and a lot of homework. Then my mom watched him for a little while and I got some more homework done. Then my wonderful friends, Erin and Lucia, offered to watch Griffey for a couple hours while I went to a movie.

Yep, I went to a movie by myself and it was wonderful. It was exactly what I needed! I always kind of felt bad for people that I see going to movies by themselves and I always kind of made fun of them in my head, because who really goes to movies by themselves?? Well, I did and it was so blissful. I got snacks and a drink and went and saw When In Rome all by myself. I was a little self-conscious at first for going alone, but the whole time I was there, I was just thinking about how I needed this so badly. I had "Kelsey time" and it was awesome.

The best part of the night was when I was walking out of the theater and Adam called me. I hadn't really been able to talk to him for a few days (the days when I needed to talk to him the most because of all the stress) and it was so awesome to be able to tell him about my solo date and get comfort from him. (He'll be home in a couple months! Yay!)

I want to thank everyone that offered to watch Griffey this weekend! I really appreciate all my friends and family so much! It feels good to know how much support I really have!)

Anyway, today Griffey and I slept in until 10:30 (I know, I slept through church but, I don't even regret it! I needed to catch up on sleep!) and I did the Truffle Shuffle with my mom and Griffey. Four miles without stopping! After the run, my mom watched Griffey for a long time and I read for school and got a ton of work done.

I finally feel unstressed for the most part and I am ready to get going on this next week. For the most part, I am doing pretty well, but every now and then it all catches up to me. I never thought I would be sitting in a class at school crying because all I want to do is take a shower and get some sleep, but I did and I realized that having Kelsey time is important.

So, I will make sure I shower and sleep and manage my time better and of course, go to a movie by myself every now and then for good measure.