Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day! I am so thankful and proud of all the veterans, especially my husband, for serving so selflessly for all of us. I love you Adam and I am very grateful that you are my husband and the role model and father of our child.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas For Adam

For anyone wanting to send Adam a Christmas present or card, you should know that it takes a few weeks for the mail to get to him so you should start thinking about it soon.
I know he would appreciate just a simple card or letter telling about what you have been up to. He would appreciate hearing happy stories from family and friends.
If you are wanting to send a package, you can get a flat-rate box from the post office for pretty cheap and fill it with goodies that would remind him of home.
You can just do an internet search on what soldiers like to receive or email him and ask him. He likes movies, music, snacks, puzzle books, and things to remind him of home. He loves Big League Chew and other bubble gum.
Let me know if you need help figuring out what to do for him and really, just a simple card or letter would make him very happy!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


This Halloween, Griffey was fortunate enough to participate in many photo shoots! We love taking pictures of him and I think he is starting to understand that he is going to have to endure many photo sessions in his life, so he puts up with us and the camera.

We can already tell that Griffey loves candy just like me!
He was in shock with all his choices laying right out in front of him!
Griffey dressed up as a sock monkey for Halloween. He loves sock monkeys. My mom made him one that lays in his crib with him. Griffey hasn't named it yet. Here he is with his sock monkey friend and the socktapus.
He loves his friend.
No Griffey! We had to teach him that it is not okay to eat one of your own!
Griffey was dressed up for Halloween and I was dressed up for the USC-Duck game. We won of course!
Makenna, Griffey, my mom, and I went to Deterings Orchard out near Coburg a few days before Halloween for Griffey's photo shoot and fresh apple cider. It was so good!

We brought this carved-out pumpkin with us. I think after all the pumpkin posing and the fact that he had to sit in the pumpkin on a couple different occasions, we may have ruined the fun of pumpkins for him. Hopefully he isn't too scarred!

This is when we knew it was time to go!
Makenna did the hay maze. I think her height may have been a slight advantage!
Griffey loves Pumpkins!

This Halloween wasn't very eventful because Adam wasn't here and it's just not the same without him, but it was still very fun to introduce Griffey to all the traditions of Halloween. He was too young to trick-or-treat, so we dressed him up and took pictures and then he hung out with Grandma while I was at the Duck game.

I am excited for next year because Griffey will be older and walking and although he won't understand Halloween or the concept of trick-or-treating, he still will be able to score us candy!