Monday, March 30, 2009

Bad News

It looks like Adam is for sure going to Iraq in May. We are obviously pretty bummed, but we have been preparing emotionally and we know everything will be okay. It is going to be hard and I think this whole ordeal could have been so much less stressful if the military had been upfront with us from the beginning and not given us false hope that he might not have to go. Anyway, that is in the past and we are trying to be positive and keep a larger perspective of the situation.
Adam will be leaving during the first few days of May and he will also be training in Corvallis during April before he leaves in May.
He also gets to come home in August for two weeks when the baby is born. I am really glad that he will be able to be here for that.
We appreciate everyone's prayers and warm wishes and will keep everyone updated on what is going on.