Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Cards!

I'm sending out Christmas cards and I know I missed some people last year, so if you want one and you didn't get one last year email me your address or tell me on Facebook.

Or leave it as a comment!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We live with a raccoon!

Griffey gets into everything now! It is sweet that he is learning to explore, but it is definitely annoying too! haha.

I learned that I just need to baby proof the apartment better.  He lost all the measuring cups, got into the chocolate chips, and decided to drink a bottle of green food coloring.

No matter what he does though, I will always love him and think he's cute!

Halloween Finally!

This Halloween all the Dimock/Hill cousins got to be together and I got some cute pictures.  It's fun to .
watch them all play, especially now that Griffey can walk and follow the older girls around.

Adam and I didn't dress up because Adam is lame and he sucked me into his Halloween Scroogeness. Oh well! Next year I'll make us all wear matching costumes to make up for it!

Carlee and Emily

Three best friends- Carlee, Emily, Haylee

I love Emily's big blue eyes in this picture!

Lawn Gnome, Snow White, Belle, Dora

Haylee's an expert model

Carlee was Dora and even had her hair sprayed brown for the night.

Emily made a beautiful Snow White.

Griffey was a lawn gnome. He wouldn't wear the beard that went with it, but I was just happy he kept the hat on.

Griffey started walking a lot during the week of Halloween.

Bushy Eyebrows!