Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Natalia has been walking for about a month now and Noah is still not walking.  It has been a little concerning that he hasn't started walking yet, but I keep hearing that I don't really have to be worried until he is around 18 months. They are 16.5 months right now so I'm not going to worry yet.

He has always been a little behind Natalia with developmental stages (crawling, talking, smiling, etc.) but it is only because he was sick so much last spring. He spent so many days in the hospital and at home recovering from his RSV and Bronchiolitis that is makes sense that he has been a little slower than Natalia.

Usually when I hold Noah's hands and try to get him to walk with me, he will take a few steps and then try to drop down on his knees.  It seems like he just has no interest in it.

Tonight, he was acting way more determined to walk than usual.  He kept crawling over to Griffey's Frisbee on the ground and putting one foot on it and standing up with the other foot on the ground. He thought it was hilarious that he had one foot on the Frisbee and kept laughing so hard and looking around to see who noticed him. 

Once he noticed we were all cheering for him so much for standing, he crawled over to his push walker and stood up behind it and started trying to walk while pushing it. He kept falling over and losing his balance, crying, and then getting back up to try it again. He did this for probably about 10 minutes.  Usually he would have given it up by then, but he was so proud of how much we were cheering for him. When I said it was time to go to bed, he started crying because he wanted to keep practicing, when he usually is fine going to bed.

Seeing his determination was sweet because I have been seeing a lot more of their personalities develop lately and I know he will get the walking thing down pretty soon.

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