Friday, September 16, 2011

Experiences from Student Teaching

This fall, I will be working in a fifth grade classroom for my student teaching.  Actually, for this first term, I am not really teaching, just helping and observing.  I started a couple weeks ago and have been learning so much.  I'm already in love with a few of them!

Yesterday, we were talking about different land formations and after talking about lakes and giving the example of Crater Lake, the teacher started talking about Bays.  She gave the example of Depot Bay and asked why the city Depot Bay may be named that.  She was expecting the answer that it was named that because it was near a Bay, but it turned out a lot funnier.

Teacher: Why do you think the town is called Depot Bay?
Student A: Because it is deep?
Teacher: no....but good thinking. Anyone else?
Student B: Because it is near a Home Depot?

Ha. Because it is near a Home Depot. I love kids!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Things I Love: DVDs I wish I owned

These things which I am about to list are a special breed of things I love, because they are things I love but do not yet own.  There are some movies which have a special place in my heart and soul, but I just haven't justified buying any of them.  These movies are ones that I would buy without hesitation if they were around five dollars or so.  Please enjoy my recommendations:
  1. Dunstin Checks in- This movie I used to own when I was younger.  I think I got it as a prize or something, I don't remember.  I do remember when my ownership of it ended.  I was partaking in the Christmas gift exchange called White Elephant when my cousin unwrapped my copy of Dunstin Checks In.  Apparently, it was now hers and my parents didn't even think this was crazy that my sister! put my movie in the gift exchange because she was sick of it! ugh.  Still not over that Denae!
  2. Drive Me Crazy- A great high school change the guy to become popular only to realize popularity isn't as important as happiness let's go make out in the treehouse type of movie.  Yes, the Britney Spears music video is in the end.  Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Greniar (Entourage) are in it.  I have it memorized but lost my copy.
  3. D2 The Mighty Ducks- Forget the first and third in this series, the second is where it's at.  When we were little, we won a copy of this movie and watched it a lot.  All I can say is the quack attack is back Jack, now go watch it.
  4. Anastasia-  This Fox movie cartoon classic is the best by far.  Meg Ryan plays Anya and the music and story are the best, plus Demitri is a hunk.
  5. She's the Man-  This is a no brainer.  I have the case that mine came in, but it has been watched and moved around so much, that the disk is now gone.  Amanda Bynes plays a girl play a boy that is actually supposed to be her brother but isn't to join a soccer team and beat her ex boyfriend who is enemies with her hopefully new boyfriend who is her brother's who is actually her new roomate.  Classic story of tampons in the nose and gouda talk.