Thursday, May 20, 2010

Griffey in a Basket

Griffey likes to sit in his toy basket, but he got sick of it after a while. It's pretty easy to tell by some of the pictures.
I love this picture of Griffey and I taking a Sunday nap.
I think this picture of Griffey and Adam is so cute! It was taken at Adam's demobilization ceremony.

Griffey Loves Mud!

I set Griffey on a blanket in the grass and turned around and he was scooting across the wet grass and then the mud over to the flowers.  I thought it was very cute, so I let him play in the mud. He loved slapping the mud and pulling the flower petals off the flowers.  He didn't even mind that it was raining.

Griffey also loves taking baths, which is good because he got so dirty!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Recent Pictures

My friend- and Griffey's babysitter- Kristen took these pictures with her new camera:

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Duck's Spring Game

This year's UO Duck spring football game was dedicated to the troops who just got home from Iraq. They only chose a handful of all the soldiers from all over Oregon who just got home to get to take part in the on-field events during the game.

Adam and I had to get there early and we were carrying Griffey and two backpacks full of all of Griffey's stuff and a change of clothes for Adam so we were exhausted before everything even started, but excitement soon took over instead because Adam got to go out on the field during the National Anthem before the game and after the game, the soldiers were presented with the players' jerseys off their backs.
Daddy carrying Grif.
Posing in front of the inflatable football player.
The football players and veterans lined up on the sidelines during the National Anthem.

Adam was on the big screen! He's in the middle.

My mom came to support Adam and help out with Griffey.
Adam got to sit with us during the game. James and Carl were there also.

Brittany and Desi also came to the game. Here are all four of us girls!

They lined up on the sidelines until the game ended. Adam is the one in the middle with his hands in his pockets.

After the game, the players lined up on one side and the veterans lined up on the other side, then they walked toward eachother and met in the middle. The veterans presented the players with a coin and the players gave them the shirt off their backs.

Here is Adam in the middle, receving Jeff Maehl's jersey and getting it autographed.

Griffey enjoyed the sun and the loud audience.

Adam proudly showed off his still sweaty jersey.
They love eachother so much!

Griffey rides in style.